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Leading independent schools use our services to carefully design and implement effective financial aid programs.  Here are the primary ways in which we help schools.  Use our contact form to get in touch and discuss how we can help your team.


A financial aid audit provides your school with a comprehensive action plan tailored to your school's mission-based policies.  We deliver a step-by-step implementation strategy, infused with valuable insights gathered from our 20+ years of assisting independent schools. This approach forms the bedrock of a cohesive, mission-centered financial aid program.


Outsource your financial aid application review process to our expert team.  Using your school's application platform such as Clarity and SSS, we provide detailed tax analysis, document tracking and reporting in support of your institution's mission and schedule.  Your team handles the family-facing application process while we perform accurate and timely file analysis with our industry-leading expertise. 


We lead and operate your financial aid team.  This includes strategy development, forecasting, application analysis, chairing FA committee, family communications, policy updates, collaboration with the business office, board reporting, and more.    


Leverage our experts to quickly onboard your financial aid team.  We work with the modern platforms and best practices used by leading schools every day and can help ensure your team is trained to create positive outcomes for your school and families.


Edwards Educational Consulting

Exeter, NH 03833

Tel 617.733.4185


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